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Location: Andasibe, Eastern Madagascar

Rooms: 24

Vakona Forest Lodge is a nature lover’s paradise located about 15 minutes drive beyond Andasibe village and on the doorstep of two national parks; Andasibe and Mantadia. To hear the plaintive wail of the Indri (Madagascar’s largest living lemur) is the undoubted highlight of a stay in the forest.

Each bungalow is neatly set in the lush gardens giving the whole lodge a rustic charm. En-suite bathrooms, an outside living area and balcony add to the quality of the rooms. The lodge boasts a octagonal restaurant and bar with a welcome centrally positioned fireplace. Feast on the excellent variety of vegetarian and French / Malagasy / Chinese cuisine while taking in the views of the forest through the full-length windows. One can opt to ‘chill’ on the outdoor terrace while watching the local birds around the lake, take an invigorating swim in the pool or play a game of squash, table tennis or billiards.

There are various fun activities. The easier options are a canoe paddle around the small lake or to nearby Lemur Island which is home to various species of lemur in a captive but open enviroment. One can explore the well-marked trails in search of colourful chameleons, reptiles, and abundant plant life or for the more adventurous explore the private reserve on horseback or mountain bike.

The perfect base to explore the wild trails of Mantadia especially. Short night walks around the lodge can also be done.

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