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Mother Africa, she is waiting for you

January 9, 2017

She longs for companionship, searches for your presence and she wishes to show you the beauty that lies within her. Ships, vehicles and planes, to name a few are often referred to in the female form. There are many theories as to where it stemmed from and some believe that it was lost in translation. Others believe it was sailors that referred to a ship as a ‘she’ due to all the rumbling and admiration that occurs around a large vessel at the docks. It is quiet fitting when one uses the term ‘she’ when describing material objects, as those are expressions of beauty, admiration, protection and the soft blanket of a mothers care.

Did it perhaps give sailors the peace at heart knowing that she would protect them during their months at sea? Or did they ‘humanize’ it to feel comfort knowingly that they would not see a women for many moons to follow?

The stillness of Africa resembles that of peace and tranquility that few experience, she represents the rawness of what was, many years ago; where some depart grateful, and others leave determined. She shows the reality and struggles to whoever wants to truly notice, yet hides the sorrows deep inside her heart. Her children run wild over the great plains of the African Savanna and some hide in the thick mantle of the forests that stretches through the central and western core of her being.

She comforts most during her winter months and punishes many once the suns’ rays penetrate through your entire existence like a knife through butter during the summer. She is the breadbasket to millions and can only allow so much before reaching her limits. She is kind and lethal at the same time and can produce legends or create villains. She cares for you and knows that she has to let you go only to allow yourself to return once the time allows for it.

She waits for you day in and day out and beats in your heart like the drums around a campfire at night. She longs for you like no other and waits by the doorstep of every moon phase for your return.