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Baobab Wanderlust – Diary

October 31, 2016

Outbound in Africa Diary

A love for Africa is born in you, you may not even realise it until the first day you step onto the continent, but it has definetly been bubbling away in you for a while…

All I ever wanted to do was pack the Landy and head off into the African Wilderness and be immersed into the whole being that is Africa. So the journey started – BOTSWANA HERE WE COME!

After a long days travelling we finally reached the gate at Phuduhudu, checked in and made our way through the park to find these beautiful pans. 45 minutes later, after seeing oryx & elephants along the way, the huge baobab trees started to make their apperance. Clustered together as if a serious meeting was taking place between these ancient monstrosities, with the pans stretching out behind them. We found our deserted campsite a few kilometers on, situated between two enormous baobabs. We set up camp just in time to have this African sunset displayed in all its glory before us and of course accompanied by a cold cider.

The fire was started, the honey badger proof food box was out and the steaks got slapped on the braai (The steaks were a little bit of luxury, bully beef has been known to make its apperance if we hadn’t been through a town for a while). We settled back let the fire do its thing and took in the stars, which were absolutley stunning, and at their best with a clear sky! That evening was a quiet one with only a lone hyena making its eerie sound and bidding us a good night.

The picture below is from Baines Baobab, Nxai Pans NP in Botswana.